All I’m saying is that if I’d ever interrupted my dad’s mentalism routine on live television he would have locked me in the trick chest with the scorpions. Again.  

The father and spawn combo in the video above is none other than Chicago-based family magician, Scott Green, and his son, Harrison. Green is a law school graduate who was once named one of the best young writers in America. Fortunately he decided to take up a respectable career and became a magician

If you want to catch more of Scott Green’s family-friendly act, you can watch him try to convince a room full of impressionable children that he does not, in fact, have a snake.

Great magic is all about the presentation. Most acts are based on a set of familiar standards, so the details in how you deliver the trick to an audience is what sets you apart as a skilled performer.

Chicago magician Scott Green gets that. He specializes in shows for families and children, but he still approaches this “not a snake” bit with so much charm that you can’t help laughing. Or giggling and squealing, as his audience members above do.