There’s no denying that Spain’s appreciation for the art of illusion puts other countries to shame, and there’s no better place to see that than Spain’s Got Talent, their version of the worldwide variety show franchise we’ve covered here frequently. (Seriously, there are a lot.)

While we’ve covered the audition portion of the show so far (with over a half-dozen magicians trying out to win the grand prize), Spain’s Got Talent is now well into the semi-finals of this year’s competition, and yes, there are still a ton of magicians still in the running. Here are a few of the performances currently available to watch on YouTube:

Daniel Sánchez performs some solid card magic, but his delivery appears to need a bit more punch:

Samuel Moreno predicts the serial number from a random $20 peseta bill with a deck of cards:

Shado is back to steal your heart (and your wallet): 

Manuel Oliver pulls sand from a giant glass of water: 

I can’t understand everything that Tomás Sanjuán is saying to the judges but I don’t have to to know this kid has killer comic timing: 

All four judges push the Golden Buzzer for Dania Díaz:

Here’s hoping we see one (or all?) of these acts make their way into the final rounds.