Soon there will be one fewer fictional magician’s antics to watch on TV. Hulu has cancelled Shut Eye after two seasons. The show starred Jeffrey Donovan as a former magician who works for the mob and starts having strange visions after a head injury. The show never really took off for critics, and even with the excellent Jon Armstrong providing the magic consult for the second season, Donovan confirmed on Twitter that Shut Eye would not continue.

If you do want to see more magic on TV, then consider tuning in to the currently airing third season of The Magicians for a taste of supernatural powers. Or just do your best to be patient until March, when ABC’s Deception offers a new crime procedural with a dash of magic.

Jon Armstrong knows a thing or two about Hollywood. Outside of his very busy career in close up magic, he’s been a consultant and designer on projects such as The Mentalist, AntMan, and Spiderman 3, and is one of the performers at the center of Netflix’s Magicians: Life in the Impossible documentary.

His latest project is as the magic consultant on Hulu’s original series Shut Eye. The show is about former magician Charlie Haverford, who runs a ring of shady storefront psychics for a mob kingpin. But after a head injury, he starts seeing some rather strange things.

The trailer for the second season shows Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Charlie, doing a bit of card-disappearing flash. The first season didn’t get a ton of love from Rotten Tomatoes, but with someone of Armstrong’s chops helping out, at least the magic scenes should be quality. Plus he’s got a cameo in the “Purple Hearts” episode. Judge the trailer for yourself: