An inside source has informed me that today is, as a matter of fact, Friday, which means it’s time for our weekly video roundup of all the magic videos released this week that didn’t warrant their own articles. 

Some magicians perform for crowds of screeching, ape-like creatures that constantly climb all over the place, demand attention, and try to make off with the props. We call these poor souls, “children’s magicians.” In the video above, Simon Pierro, better known as the iPad Magician, is performing for a far better class of audience at the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali. 

Patrick Kun triples his winnings with this incredibly slick poker chip routine set to some very funky music. The bit where he seemingly pulls one from his watch face is like … You know that little picture of fire kids are always using on Twitter? It’s like five of those.

Michael Vincent of Vincent Academy performs Darwin Ortiz’s “Do As I Did.” It takes a little bit to get going, but it’s superb trick with an amazing payoff. 

The man in black requested a trick, and the gunslinger followed (the instructions). Unfortunately, despite learning how to twirl iron (or in this case, plastic) with the best of them, Mat Ricardo decided brandishing a gun on stage in his new tour wasn’t the best idea. 

Alex McAleer made the mistake of examining his earlier work in detail. You can actually see his slow descent into madness as he realises that his bad fashion choices will echo through the universe until the death of time itself. Also, the new Champions of Magic tour kicks off this weekend.  

Michael Kent performed a cute trick with a $10 bill to promote his show in Gahanna Ohio this evening. Pro tip: When he says, “look at the bottom of the bill,” don’t look at the bottom of the bill.

And there you have it, folks, a steady supply of magic videos that should see you through the weekend. Enjoy. 

We here at GeniiOnline are well aware that dogs make good audiences for magic. They’ll never heckle you, try to ruin a trick or load an actual bullet into the pistol and shoot one of your fingers off like that guy in The Prestige. Man, imagine how different that film would have been if that guy had been a dog. 

Anyway, the fella in that video up there at the top of the page is Simon Pierro: “The iPad Magician,” who, as you may have guessed, performs tricks with an Apple-branded shiny tray. He also gives very interesting talks about gathering and maintaining online audiences. Those videos aren’t quite as high on the cute-o-meter as this one, but they’re still pretty interesting. 

While the Oscars might be over, there’s always time for a bit of movie magic. Over the weekend, “iPad Magician” Simon Pierro took to the streets of Hollywood to try to impress passers-by with his unique brand of sleight of hand. You can watch the full video above, which has Pierro pulling an Oscar statue out of his tablet, as well as performing some slick AR tricks with a crudely-drawn $100 bill. You can also find this video and more over on Pierro’s YouTube channel, or you can check out his presentation on performing magic in the digital age at Magic Live! 2017 here.

The internet has done wonderful things for magic. Video-sharing sites have also let an entirely new breed of budding digital magicians all over the world build sizable careers without ever having to set foot in a restaurant or theater. YouTube is filled with all kinds of magic acts, but few performers have embraced the digital aspect of the medium with as much gusto as German magician and Apple enthusiast Simon Pierro: “The iPad Magician.” Pierro was one of the guest speakers at last year’s excellent Magic Live! convention and his talk on performing on the virtual stage is now available to the public.

Pierro’s shtick, as you might have guessed from his nickname, is all manner of tricks using an Apple iPad as the core prop. It’s good stuff obviously, particularly that beer gag, but more interesting to other magicians are Pierro’s insights into both online audiences and the complex relationship between old media and services like YouTube. If you’re struggling to make a dent on your subscriber count, you should give the video a watch via Magic Live!’s website.

This is the first year the Magic Live! organizers have released videos of the talks held at the event. This year’s Magic Live! is taking place from August 5th to August 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration is now open.

The old adage for performers says to never, ever work with children or animals. Simon Pierro, known for his clever iPad tricks, has disregarded that wisdom and we are all the better for it.

This week, the Irish Independent picked up one of Pierro’s clips where he performs a few digital tricks for a chimpanzee. But it’s pretty impressive that the newspaper only just noticed the video, because Pierro’s original upload of him performing for three different chimps has more than 9 million views.

We sure do like to see so many people…going ape for digital magic. (Yes, I know, that joke was bananas.) 

German illusionist Simon Pierro is making a name for himself as “the iPad Magician”; a performer who combines physical trickery with the digital wonder that could only come from Apple’s high-tech tablet. But that’s not to say Pierro is constantly looking toward the future. In fact, Pierro’s recent German TV special featured a segment recognizing one of the great classic sleight of hand magicians: Richard Valentine Pitchford, aka Cardini.

To honor his impressive legacy, elegant style, and “because we all know that everything we create today or in the future is based on the work of the masters from the past,” Pierro crafted a routine using an iPad and a digital representation of Cardini’s iconic white gloves  It’s a modern, 21st century twist to some of the most simplistic yet stunning sleight of hand ever performed.

iPad magician Simon Pierro‘s first TV special will air this coming Friday, October 27, on Germany’s “major TV channel RTL,” he announced via Instagram. If you’re not familiar with Simon’s particular blend of magic and tech, give a quick watch to his appearance on Ellen. It’ll be interesting to see how his special handles the logistics of a magic act that’s centered on an iPad, not to mention how long the act will be.