There’s no denying that Spain’s appreciation for the art of illusion puts other countries to shame, and there’s no better place to see that than Spain’s Got Talent, their version of the worldwide variety show franchise we’ve covered here frequently. (Seriously, there are a lot.)

While we’ve covered the audition portion of the show so far (with over a half-dozen magicians trying out to win the grand prize), Spain’s Got Talent is now well into the semi-finals of this year’s competition, and yes, there are still a ton of magicians still in the running. Here are a few of the performances currently available to watch on YouTube:

Daniel Sánchez performs some solid card magic, but his delivery appears to need a bit more punch:

Samuel Moreno predicts the serial number from a random $20 peseta bill with a deck of cards:

Shado is back to steal your heart (and your wallet): 

Manuel Oliver pulls sand from a giant glass of water: 

I can’t understand everything that Tomás Sanjuán is saying to the judges but I don’t have to to know this kid has killer comic timing: 

All four judges push the Golden Buzzer for Dania Díaz:

Here’s hoping we see one (or all?) of these acts make their way into the final rounds.

We like to keep track of the various Got Talent shows countries around the world are hosting, especially since a few illusionists often make it past the audition process and into the competition portion of the show (like horror magician The Sacred Riana, who won Asia’s Got Talent‘s grand prize last year). 

Spain’s magic game puts other countries to shame, though, as Spain’s Got Talent is still airing their auditions and they’ve already got seven magic acts all trying out for a shot at the big time. We’ve gathered all of the auditions currently posted on YouTube in one spot for you to check out, viewable below.

Enmanuele Marchione is a nurse with a wild juggling routine involving a mirror and a ball balanced on his head. He’ll be moving on to the next round:

Paolo Cerastes performs some rubber band magic that wowed the judges enough to send him to the next phase as well.

Shado brings a a couple audience members on stage (along with one of the judges) to do a bit of pickpocketing. He’s moving on, too.

Leo Ramirez uses a voodoo doll to torment two of the judges. Risto gave him an X during the performance, but eventually, all four judges decided to wave him forward.

Merlin is 1,477 years old (wait, hold on), and uses his set to swallow a balloon, then pull it out fully formed from his stomach. Two of the judges weren’t fans, and therefore, his journey on the show ends here. 

Tomas Sanjuan is a 16-year-old student, and makes fish multiply with a pack of cards. The judges loved it, and on he goes.

Last up is Manuel Oliver, and he uses his talent as a public speaker and a magician to move on to the next round.

Six out of seven magicians shown above are moving on to the quarter-finals. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!