Because you can never have too many playing cards in your life, TCC Playing Cards is Kickstarting not one, but two new artful decks over the next few days. The Chinese playing card company has been making a name for itself for its exquisite designs and premium stock (we’ve covered the company’s Forma deck before, which is a stunner), and both the Rainbow and Crystal Cobra decks continue that trend.

The Bicycle TCC Rainbow Playing Cards are exactly what they sound like—official Bicycle playing cards printed by the US Playing Card Company, each card in the deck a different shade of color. With customized face cards and printed on Bicycle stock, this deck is perfect for caridstry or anyone looking to add a little flair to their friendly poker game.

Back the Rainbow deck on Kickstarter for HK$ 47 (about $6)

The Crystal Cobra deck is a bit more refined and subdued, but no less impressive, and features unique purple and blue polygonal art on the backs and all face cards.

Back the Crystal Cobra deck on Kickstarter for HK$ 78 (about $10)

Both decks are fully funded, and both Kickstarters end in about five days, so you only have a limited amount of time to get your orders in—especially if you want the Crystal Cobra deck, which is limited to 2500 orders.