Ted Outerbridge isn’t just looking to impress viewers with tricks in his current show. Clockwork Mysteries might seem like a massive production of illusions, but it also has a rather charming concept, tapping into the desire just about every person has at some point to go back in time.

“The idea is about how everyone has wished they could travel back in time and change the past and we actually do it on stage,” the Montreal magician told Camrose Canadian in an interview. “Marion and I both feel our show should not come from a magic store catalogue, it should come from our hearts so we tell stories with our magic and we give it meaning and it adds an extra element to the show.”

Marian is his wife, and she’s been a part of his act since 1999 and his wife since 2006. She’s also one of his greatest inspirations and supporters.

“She is the reason why I changed my path a little bit and didn’t follow in the steps of your average magician. I took a little turn and became motivated to give meaning to my magic.”

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