It’s always a treat to see the new generation of magicians getting recognized for their skills. David Frank, a high school sophomore from the New York City area, used his experience with magic to help secure second place at the Long Island Psychology Fair.

Frank conducted his research, formally titled “A Table Magician’s Greatest Trick: Affecting a Patron’s Tipping Habits Without Them Knowing,” during his weekly performances as a table magician at a local restaurant.

“I wanted to see what I could do to increase the size of my tips and how many people were actually leaving me tips,” Frank told Patch. “So, I started researching and came across the concept of reciprocity.”

By performing the scientifically-backed magic for his patrons, his research found an “80% increase in gratuity,” according to the article.

A smart kid with smart moves; that’s a winning combination.

Lest you think performing magic is only for the older generations, John Lindford is ready to disabuse you of the notion. The 18-year-old college student is one of Utah’s youngest magic professionals, and he’s already got a fair bit of flair to his act. Check out his appearance on Brigham Young University’s Channel 11 News program. The card trick is solid, and his story about performing in Switzerland will warm your heart.