Coming up with new tricks is hard, especially when you’ve been performing for the best part of three decades. Eventually you just run out of things to juggle. That’s why cabaret star, juggler, magician, and all-round entertainer, Mat Ricardo, handed that part off to the general public for his upcoming tour, Mat Ricardo vs The World. 

Nearly a year ago, he challenged fans and naysayers alike to suggest the most difficult, impressive feats of balance, magic, strength and escapology they could think of, with the promise that he would learn and perform those feats on tour in 2018. Well, it’s 2018 now, god help us, and it’s time for Ricardo to show us the fruits of his labour. Previews of the show begin next week, before its full debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. 

While, “the world,” might imply a certain global presence on Ricardo’s part, thus far the dates announced for the tour have been UK only. Tickets for some are already available, and you can see a listing of tour dates and locations here. 

Ricardo got started in the craft in Covent Garden back in the 80’s, and, despite numerous TV appearances and a side line in corporate shindigs,  still regularly hits the streets for a little light busking. He attends busking festivals around the world, and in 2017, he won the People’s Choice award at the Ottawa Streetfest. 

Also, for the next few weeks he’ll be posting up videos of tricks and skills he learned for the tour that didn’t make the final cut. Like this one, for example: