Virtuoso is one of the foremost producers of playing cards specifically for cardistry, and if you check out their most recent video, the reasons why are immediately obvious. But their quality goes beyond their hypnotic designs—turns out, there’s a lot of tech that goes into making cards that can withstand the kind of abuse constant handling, shuffling, and flourishing puts on them. In a recent email from Huron at Virtuoso laid out exactly what makes their upcoming FW17 deck stand apart their previous efforts as well as the competition:

1. It takes Adaptive Aesthetics to the next level, with a new multi-faceted design that forms fluid yet rhythmic patterns in spreads and displays. It also produces even more expressive movements across countless other card flourishes from cuts to cascades.
2. It has a new face design featuring redesigned indices and double wraparound color stripes with dual tones for really delicious fanning.3. Beneath its surface, the deck’s thinner yet snappier card stock also makes for the most addictive Cardistry experience we’ve ever crafted.
4. We’ve even upgraded the tuck case, giving it a smoother touch, and a sturdier, more durable build. Basically, if you like any of our past decks… we believe you’ll love the new FW17 Virtuoso deck.  

No word on a price or release date yet, but you can head over to to sign up for their mailing list for updates and giveaways.

Virtuoso (aka The Virts) have been pushing the boundaries of cardistry for years with their tutorials, performance videos, and signature playing cards. Their latest video, dubbed RISE, is easily their best work yet, celebrating the beauty of failure with nearly four minutes of beautiful choreography. Utilizing no gimmicks, magnets, green screen, or computer generated imagery—just playing cards and some incredible talent. And maybe a leafblower or two.

This video was made to promote the upcoming release of Virtuoso’s new Fall/Winter 2017 deck, coming soon via Visit their website to get notified on up-to-date information, including release date and upcoming giveaways.