After facing some push-back from the city council in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, the city has finally approved plans to open what is likely the smallest theater in the country.

With a total area of 16ft by 12ft, the venue, appropriately named The Small Space, will host a variety of live performances, including magicians and musicians, as well as karaoke nights and private functions. During the day, it will even act as a community and rehearsal space for local performers.

The room was conceived of by close-up magician Jasper Blakeley, along with business partner and fellow illusionist Bryan Gunton. According to an interview with The Stage, Blakeley wanted to repurpose the space used by his wife’s business after it moved to a larger location.

“I thought it was too good a space to let go,” he told The Stage. “Bryan and I thought it would be great to have as a magicians’ theatre. The more it developed the more we thought it should just be a fully fledged theatre.”

The resistance from the city came in the form of a zoning policy that required areas set up for retail to remain as retail space. But after receiving overwhelming support from the community and local politicians, the council reversed its decision and approved the the theater’s construction.

The theater is nearing completion and is set to open in early January.