While we were doing a little digging into Matt Marcy following his fantastic performance on Fool Us earlier this week, we came a short web comedy series he wrote and stared in back in the heady days of 2015. It’s actually really good. 

Disillusioned is a no-holds-barred look at the life of a professional magician “struggling to find love, success and respect in an art form that really doesn’t get any.” It was obviously made on a bit of a shoe string budget and the first episode is pretty rough, but for the most part Matt writes and plays the part of a enthusiastic, if slightly obnoxious, jobber magician with a suspicious level of accuracy. It won Best comedy Web Series at something called the Hollyweb New Media Festival a while back, but sadly seems to have languished in YouTube’s bowels ever since, with the last episode getting just over a thousand views.

Which is such a shame because while Marcy has since gone onto bigger and better things, there’s a sharp satirical edge in Disillusioned that really works. 

You can see the whole series, here. 

Magician Nate Staniforth has a simple goal: get from his home in New York to his next gig in Seattle in three weeks. Rather than just take a plane and spend his time shuffling from hotel to show and back, he decided to take a car, explore some back roads, and meet his favorite magicians. He then chronicled it all in a new 15-part web series called American Magic, the first episode of which is available on his YouTube channel (and embedded above). You can also check out his new book, Here Is Real Magic, available now.