“Technology is killing magic.” That’s a controversial statement in the magician community, and for good reason. While the Internet has helped to educate and spotlight a whole generation of performers, it’s also easier than ever to do damage by sharing secrets or getting just the wrong video angle uploaded to YouTube.

But that’s not the magic Marian Green is talking about. The 77-year-old white witch is concerned about these kids and their techno-toys getting disconnected from nature and natural magic.

Green, who identifies herself as a white witch, told the annual Occult Conference that people should know about plants because trees have a way of “drawing up magic” from the land.

“We do not need to be separated from the natural world, but an awful lot of young people grow up today distanced from nature,” she said. “People are divorced from the real world and out of sync. The old folk lived by the light of the moon and the tide. We need to feel the balance and reconnect to nature – connect human nature to the natural world – the gentle art of natural magic.”

So yes. Definitely a controversial statement.

It seems like there’s a subscription delivery for everything these days. Vinyl records. Cosmetics. Geek paraphernalia. But possibly the strangest one yet to cross our news desk is a subscription for magic. Not the card tricks and illusions kind of magic; the witchcraft and enchantments kind. Yes, we are equally bewildered.

The Guardian rounded up the multiple options available to UK locals who want to have spellcrafting of dubious powers delivered right to their front doors. The products are called:

  • House of Rituals, which includes an assortment of herbs, oils, and other objects for use with spells and prayers. Instructions are included. 
  • White Witch Box, a largely handmade assortment of items such as jewelry and scented candles
  • The Witch’s Heart Monthly Mystery, which might be a door charm one month while the next is “witches’ brew anointing oil.” Your guess is as good as mine what that’s for.

That said, if any enterprising magicians want to start a counterpart subscription delivery with boxes of stage props and trick decks and signed photos of Neil Patrick Harris, I will happily give you all my money.