The Pumphouse Theatre’s Weekend of Magic starts on Saturday and ends on, um, Saturday. Okay so perhaps they’re stretching the definition of “weekend” a bit. Oh, and if you want to get super technical (and of course I do) the first show doesn’t start til 3:00 pm and the last one ends at 9:30ish so we’re actually talking about a quarter of a weekend of magic, but then we have to factor in intermissions so…   

Anyway, the first show is the Calgary Magic Circle Variety Show, which features “everything from rope magic and mentalism to card magic and sleight of hand,” according to producer, Yeats Wong. This is a family-friendly show. 

The evening continues with a performance from comedy magician Ryan Pilling, at 6:00pm.

“What has made Ryan so popular is that his shows are as funny as they are amazing,” Wong explained. “Ryan’s 75 minute show is weird and whimsical and involves audience participation which means his shows are always unique to the audience attending.”  

And ending the evening is Wong himself with his show, A Brush With Death, which as the title implies is a little on the macabre side. 

 “A Brush With Death offers dangerous stunts, creepy seances and bizarre psychopathy mentalism which has earned me the title of Calgary’s psychopath magician,” said Wong. “It’s not a show for children but it will appeal to the child in all adults.” 

Appearing alongside Wong is circus performer and magician Carisa Hendrix, who you can see right at the top of the page there. Hendrix is keeping the exact details of her contribution to the show under wraps, but Wong promises it’ll be shocking stuff.

Tickets should be purchased separately for each show. The Variety Show and Ryan Pilling’s Show of Wonder cost $15 a pop, while Wong’s A Brush with Death will cost you $25. All prices are in Canadian dollars.